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Honeybuns, deliciously gluten free

honeybuns1 honeybuns

It’s always lovely to stock a new product range and this one is something we are really excited about! I tried these products at a recent trade fair and was impressed with the taste, quality and packaging.

You can find Honeybuns in our Retro-to-Go take away shop

Honeybuns Bakery

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New Ideas & Bento bonkers

Well, it was an interesting day yesterday at the ‘Lunch’ trade show in Billingsgate. Always great to meet up with existing suppliers as well as sourcing new ones. It does make you realise how different the whole business is in London and how you need to translate current trends for your customer. One thing we won’t be doing is getting the one oven that cooks everything: from steamed rice to steak – you can put different food on different shelves & it’s cooked by the oven not by a chef. Apparently they are all the rage in the chain restaurants. We’ll stick to the chefs thanks!

London (Take-Away) Food Trends:
Packets of loose nuts, seeds & dried fruits
Take-away hot ‘pots’ of soup, stew & the healthy ‘pot noodle’ made with
          Quinoa & Bulgar Wheat or Couscous
Pre-packed one portion food
Drinks packed with vitamins, fresh fruit or yoghurt based.

So definitely a healthy slant dominating the market, but what will work for us? Well, we’ll definitely be stocking some delicious nut/muesli bars which scored well in my personal taste test! We also LOVED the loose nuts although we may get packs in to jazz up the salads & soups in the Cafe.

We also liked many of the pots of soups & stews and although I realise that consumers do go for the ‘branded packaging’ – the products just don’t compare with our delicious freshly made soups & stews that we make here. So bring in your Bento pots & get them filled!

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