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White Hot Chocolate

When the nights start drawing in & winter begins to stretch its icy fingers it is time to wrap your hands around a warm mug of something hot…

This week we are serving a delicious Banoffee flavoured Hot Chocolate and next week we will be making Hot White Chocolate Snowballs using our very own home-made sauce. Want to make some at home? Here’s how:


Heat 1 can Condensed Milk in a saucepan, stirring constantly so it doesn’t catch or turn brown.

Add 300g White Chocolate Buttons take off the heat & whisk in until melted.

Mix in 1tsp Vanilla Essence

Pour into 2 sterilized jam jars & store in the fridge.

To serve: stir into hot milk – 1 tsp at a time to taste

Just add Coconut syrup & a sprinkle of Coconut Flakes for a White Hot Chocolate Snowball

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Pink Hot Chocolate? Raspberry Romance or Strawberry Sweetheart!

Pink Hot Chocolate? Raspberry Romance or Strawberry Sweetheart!

Next week our White Hot Chocolate Sauce is going all a flutter by blushing Pink for Valentines. I used my basic recipe adding some red food colouring paste at the end. You want a bold colour as it will go paler once you add the milk.

As always, a note about food colouring: remember to start with a little and keep adding until you get the colour you desire – you can always add but you can’t take away! Pastes and gels are preferable to liquid colours as they don’t affect the texture of your recipe.

Add a few spoonfuls to hot milk, a dash of raspberry/strawberry syrup a squirt of cream and finish with some little heart sprinkles!

Or come in and try one of ours!

Raspberry Romance

Fed up of the usual Valentines Day rigmarole?

Why not take your loved one out for lunch?

Book a table here next Friday (14th Feb) and we will give you a complimentary Red Velvet Valentines cupcake!

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It’s a Rocky Tiffin Road…

It’s a Rocky Tiffin Road…

WARNING: this may be addictive!

The basic ingredients are the same although I think if you add raisins & then cover the bar with chocolate you have a Tiffin, if there are marshmallows in it it’s a Rocky Road anything else is a Fridge Cake. As long as it tastes good, who cares?!

If you have been into the Café or Take-Away this week and tried some you may be desperate for another fix, so here’s how to make it:

March Recipe: Retro Rockin’ Tiffin

Generously line a shallow tin/dish approximately 20 x 20 cm square with cling film

Put 125g Digestive Biscuits into a deep bowl and bash with a rolling-pin. You don’t want the biscuits to be completely powdery but at the same time you don’t want the chunks to be too large as it will make the finished bar harder to cut. Mix in any other ingredients such as raisins/marshmallows/nuts/dried fruit, I would recommend doing this by sight as everyone has their own personal preferences.

Put 100g Butter, 2tbsp Golden Syrup into saucepan on a gentle heat until melted & bubbling. Remove from the heat & stir in 200g Milk Chocolate (broken into pieces) and stir constantly until the chocolate has all melted evenly.

Pour the chocolate mixture into the dry ingredients and mix together thoroughly until completely combined. Spoon it into the tin, smooth the top & place in the fridge.

 Rocky roadRocky road 2Rocky road 1

For my version, I crushed 2 Crunchie Bars with the biscuits for a honeycomb flavor and then threw in a handful of White & Pink Marshmallows. I then melted 200g Dark Chocolate with a small knob of Butter in a bain-marie (bowl resting above a pan of simmering water – make sure the bottom of the bowl does NOT touch the water) and spread it all over my cooling bar. A few Sprinkles later & back in the fridge to set for an hour or two.

Rocky road 3

I like the thick chocolate layer on top and use dark chocolate only because I find that more milk chocolate makes it a bit too sweet. Just try not to eat it all in one go!

DAIRY FREE VERSION: Use dark chocolate & a cooking spread (instead of milk choc & butter)

TOP TIP: Always have a small bowl of boiling hot water to dip your measuring spoon into when using Golden Syrup. A hot spoon will release the syrup more easily ensuring you get an accurate measure.Hot water pot

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