Mushroom and White Wine Risotto

06 May

A timely entry as this is currently on our Saturday Night menu. Last weekend one of our customers thought it was the second best risotto she had ever had (the best having been in a two Michelin Star restaurant, well you just can’t compete with that!).

Much has been said about the time-consuming nature of a risotto, however I think this is part of the joy as I find it’s a calm peaceful moment in a kitchen: just you, your dish & the open bottle of white wine…

Don’t worry if you don’t have fresh Vegetable stock, just buy yourself a tub of Marigold Swiss Vegetable Stock Powder (much better than your average stock cube).

May Recipe: Mushroom & White Wine Risotto

serves 4

Fry 1 large diced Onion with 2 crushed Garlic Cloves in 30g Butter for 5 minutes until soft and golden

Add 300g Risotto Rice and fry for 5 minutes until glossy & golden

Add 250ml White Wine and cook until the wine is absorbed into the rice

Start adding small amounts of Vegetable Stock (500ml altogether) one ladle at a time and stir often

When the rice is almost cooked (after approx. 10-12 mins) add 200g Sliced Mushrooms & 100ml Cream and cook until soft and thick

Add Salt & Pepper to taste, Sliced Spring Onions then remove from the heat and stir in 30g Butter

This recipe is a cheese-free risotto so perfect for the dairy intolerant as you can easily substitute the butter & cream for non-dairy alternatives.

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